I use the CBD to help find balance. Life is hard. The endocannabinoid system is fascinating. We can ease into being Tuned in!

Aside from finding balance with the tincture, I find balance with the people in the CBD industry! Every time I reach out to someone in the business, they teach me something. And it is not always about CBD’s. Like recently, I have noticed that most people benefiting from the CBD’s are also Loving themselves, and the people around them. LOVING KIND! Hearing the stories is inspiring. I Love the Kind!!

I chose the family that started Blooming Botanical for several reasons. One is that, The people in this business are blooming with respect for themselves, and others, and I want to spread THAT vibe!!

I chose the turmeric blend of CBD from Blooming Botanical. I have recognized my inflammation being less. I recently ran out of CBD’s and my inflammation has returned. I will be ordering more soon.

In the mean time I started taking turmeric, and a friend is sending me a sleepy time CBD. I will take this… it was made with LOVE! I will have more of Blooming Botanical soon, I would like to keep it on hand. I would also like to have some to share with my neighbors! I can share the discount! Remember, if you order on line, enter SHEILA10 to save 10% and THANK YOU!

Thank you for helping yourself

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