Grateful to be celebrating Leigh’s Legacy and some Reiki and a CBD bubble bath

I had a friend pass away a while back. In 2017. Leigh, she was a beautiful hip Artist! Shortly after she passed, her Son, who was a close friend of mine in High school, invited me over. He gave me his Mother’s Personal jewelry collection. He also gave me her collection of Costume jewelry, Art jewelry, play jewelry. All of the stuff that she “horded”. I was told that I could keep or sell whatever I wanted. (This is a real blessing for an Only Parent to two teenager. 1 college student, 1 high school)

Today (almost 2 years later) is the second time I pulled it out to sort through it. I had a friend come help. The Energy is real. Bracelets that Leigh wore when her wrist was tiny. The gold chain a Father gives a daughter for Christmas. (Reminded me of the chain my Dad gave me.) The “Teacher” gifts that Leigh’s student’s gave her. (She was a sewing teacher)

I was reminded of her in so many ways, just looking through her jewelry. Amethyst, black Onyx, rose quarts, tigers eye. All of the most powerful stones known to us were in there. I can feel her Vibe.

Leigh’s collection, one of her Legacies, will be available shortly on Etsy, and Ebay, THIS COLLECTION is like no other!! n(Update- the Etsy shop in progress)

Today was very special. I kept imagining the imagery I could use on the internet to showcase Leigh’s Legacy. I kept imagining this cursive writing. As we looked through the boxes, we found this bracelet with her name written in cursive. It was exactly as I imagined it. (My Assistant listened to me describe what I imagined, and then handed me this piece photographed below)

I also learned that Leigh collected several pieces with hearts on them. She Loves Hearts. They were everywhere. I can not help but be reminded of one of My Loved ones that passed away 28 years ago. A boyfriend at the time. Colin May. A psychic once told me that when I see hearts, the hearts are from Colin. Every time I saw one of those hearts, I thought of him. And I felt comforted by Leigh. She was amazing, and I know we discussed Colin before. Hearts are beautiful. I took the ring, shown in the picture below.

HEARTS!!! Valentines day inspires all of the Maker’s to have sales. I Love it. The CBD I use is on sale for 33% off! And! As usual, if you enter SHEILA10 you will get an additional 10% off. It really is a winning situation!! Tonight I am taking a bath with the CBD bath bomb, along with some energy healing.

ring of hearts!

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