Free CBD’s for tough times!

Free CBD for those in need.

Starting today, every product you buy from now through the month of April, Blooming Botanicals will match and donate the same product(s) to those in need during our current crisis.

For example, if you buy 3 Turmeric CBD Tinctures, then 3 Turmeric CBD Tinctures will then be donated
If you have a loved one that could use an anxiety break from this current crisis, someone that regularly uses CBD for pain relief that might not currently be able to afford to restock, or someone who has need (e.g. front-line worker, people with underlying health conditions, ppl who may be ill, or people who do not currently have an income),…

please consider using the buy one give one option OR nominate someone that you think could benefit from the gift of CBD. Teamwork makes the Dreamwork!Blooming botanical turmeric infused CBD

Visit Blooming Botanical

Love me, Love me not available at Morley Art studios

Blessings to you all!

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