A Teacher gift with Life force Energy

Any Teacher I have ever had, has made a difference in my life. I would either become aware of what I don’t like, or what I do. Usually both. It isn’t always about what your learning about either. Sometimes, it is about the real big picture of life.

When I went to College for art, I was really focusing on expressing emotion with imagery. It wasn’t a very practical reason for being there. Yes, I wanted to learn to mix color, clay, glass, weld, sculpt figures, cast metal, and even glue fabric…But I really wanted to calm down, mellow out, express myself, Find my purpose, and feel good.

(I was not your typical student. I was a Minority by default. Right before I moved away to college, the man I was in Love with died tragically, and traumatically in front of my face. This took years to overcome. Still working on it sometimes. I was most certainly not planning a future. I was too busy trying to tame my emotions.)

Those teachers that I had in College were Professors. They were not there to make a living selling art. They were there to make a living teaching, so they could express their selves in making art. Making art to express yourself is not a very practical purpose, monetarily, when we discuss how to pay the bills. Unless you are making your art to sell it for money.

The point here, is that I was attracted to the idea of making art to express myself, and therefore I attracted a program that did just that. It was very therapeutic, and I believe in the law of attraction. I was a fixture in that MSU College of Arts and Letters, Fine Arts!! I spent 8 to 12 hours there every day making art. I wanted to be a college professor, and make art forever.

This pendant that is for sale in Leigh’s Legacy shop, was worn by Leigh, an amazing teacher. She taught sewing. She found that sewing gave her that balance of expressing, creating, and Teaching. A student gifted this to her. It carries with it the gratitude of the student, as well as the Pride of the Instructor. This Gold pendant is an abundance of positive Energy. It would make a great gift to a Teacher.

Leigh’s TEACHER pendant

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